Wednesday, July 24, 2024


SWRP10 Tape - Product Information

Premier SWRP10 is a high performance strip sealant laminated to clear tear resistant film. The product is presented self-wound on the roll for ease of application, as no release paper has to be removed before use. It is a dual-purpose air seal and moisture barrier tape developed for sealing side laps joints on walls and roofs to reduce condensation and increase air tightness in buildings. SWRP10 can be used as recommended in the MCRMA Technical Paper No. 14 – Guidance for the Design of Metal Roofing and Cladding to Comply with Approved Document L2:2001.


SWRP10 provides very good adhesion to most building materials even at temperatures below freezing, provided the surfaces are free from frost. The product offers excellent movement accommodation and its low moisture vapour transmission rate makes it ideal for forming vapour seals.