Monday, May 27, 2024

TreadSafe™ - Product Information

TreadSafe™ is a tube fastening system designed for compressible insulation. When used in conjunction with a specially designed RhinoBond® plate, TreadSafe provides an insulation and membrane attachment system for securing TPO and PVC roofing membranes.


Features & Benefits


  • The tube of the TreadSafe system accommodates the normal deflection of compressible roof insulation, minimizing the potential for the fastener to penetrate the roofing membrane.
  • TreadSafe is compatible with FM and CE approved mineral wool and polyisocyanurate insulation.
  • Patent-pending TreadSafe tubes lock onto compatible plates and securely hold fasteners in place.
  • TreadSafe is Factory Mutual approved. See specific manufacturers for FM approvals.
  • RhinoBond Plates used in conjunction with TreadSafe meet FM 4470 criteria for corrosion resistance, and feature a wide welding surface to promote a strong bond.


For best results, the minimum insulation thickness should be 2" (51 mm) to accommodate deflection. The OMG fasteners should always be tested on site by a MAK or OMG representative to determine performance and proper installation procedure. Contact MAK to schedule testing.

When calculating required length of fastener a saving of 21mm from the fastener length is achieved by using TreadSafe.