Monday, May 27, 2024

XHD Roofing Fastener - Product Information

The OMG Extra Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener (#15) is a specialized, high performance fastener designed to secure roofing materials to certain light gauge steel, O.S.B., or aluminum roof decks.


Features & Benefits 


  • Oversized heavy shank and thread diameters for enhanced pullout resistance in light gauge steel and aluminium roof decks. 
  • Deep buttress threads further increase pullout resistance.
  • Miniature drill point penetrates decks quickly and contributes to exceptional resistance to back out as well as pullout.



The OMG Extra Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener should always be tested on site by a MAK representative to determine performance and proper installation procedure. Call MAK to schedule testing.



OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating exhibits less than 15% red rust after 30 Kesternich cycles.  CR-10 coating exceeds F.M. Approval Standard 4470.


Plates & Accessories

A variety of plates are available. Contact MAK to determine the appropriate plate for your application.