Monday, May 27, 2024


Uniroof AT - Product Information

The new UNIROOF AT automatic roof welder is the service-friendly partner for welding thermoplastic membranes on flat roofs and roofs with low slopes (up to 30°). Its slim housing construction and movable transportation axle (patent pending) means that time-consuming modification of the welder is eliminated.


  • No resetting: Thanks to the movable transport axle (patent pending), the new UNIROOF handles welding close to the edge, on top of the parapet
  • Reliable Swiss quality
  • The maintenance-free drive motor integrated into the pressure wheel (patent pending), translates to significantly better optimized overall performance and low maintenance 
  • Design proven on construction sites to be ergonomic, portable and optimal for operation 
  • More efficiency on the construction site: The new UNIROOF AT outperforms comparable machinery by up to 66% 
  • Roof structure profile kit for roof welding

The UNIROOF can easily weld as close as 100 mm from the edge weather on the parapet, flat surfaces or any difficult to reach roof “problem zones. With 120 Volts in the box, the UNIROOF provides fast-paced, top performance on any roof.

Product Video